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The Radio Bookmark is a new technology that allows you to bookmark stories you hear on public radio and replay them at a more convenient time.

Save it for Later - Stop writing down (or trying to remember!) what the story was about, when it aired, or what program it was in. Stop searching through web pages. It's like placing a bookmark in your favorite book.

All of the News and Information - Local or national news, interviews, anything can be bookmarked. Even separate stories within a program!

Share your Bookmarks - Easily send your favorite stories to friends.

Fascinating Show? Dig Deeper - Find links, background info, and full interviews related to the story.

Favorites - Easily mark your favorite stories so they are easy to find later.

Simple - It never runs out of space since the audio isn't stored, just the bookmarks.

Private - Your bookmarks are kept private. Only summarized listening statistics are collected.

The Radio Bookmark

How does it work?

  • Press the center button on the portable key chain Radio Bookmark when you hear an interesting story.

  • The story is now "bookmarked".

  • Simply plug the portable Radio Bookmark into the USB port of any internet connected computer.

  • Your personal web page with all of your bookmarks is displayed.

  • Press "Play" and all of your stories will immediately start playing.

  • Additional information related to the story is displayed while the story is playing.

  • When the story is complete, it automatically advances to the next story.

  • Replay the stories while cooking dinner, after the kids have gone to bed, or whenever it is most appropriate for your lifestyle.

  • Enjoy the stories in their entirety.

Support your Local Station - Public Radio is supported by its members. Help keep your favorite programs on the air by making donations to your local station.

Reduce on-air Fund Drives - Donations made prior to the fund drive will help to reduce the amount of time consumed with on-air fund drives and get you back to the programs you want to hear.

Personal Bookmark Page

A Simple List - All of your bookmarks are easily displayed and accessible to replay.

Individually Select - Select just the new bookmarks, or individually check which ones you want to play or delete.

Story Information - See the story name, program, radio station, and time and date it was bookmarked.

Detailed Story Page

Additional In-Depth Information - Information related to the story and from the same author is provided to satisfy your need to know.

Easily Advance or Rewind - You have total control over where you are in the story and can easily move to the next or previous story.

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