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The Radio Bookmark is a new technology that enables radio broadcast organizations to strengthen their relationship with the listening base.


Bookmark Stories - With the touch of a button, your favorite stories are bookmarked on the portable key chain Radio Bookmark.


Retrieve Bookmarks - Simply plug the Radio Bookmark into the USB port of your computer. Then easily recall the entire story from your personal web page and listen during a more convenient time in your home.

The Radio Bookmark

How can the Radio Bookmark benefit your radio broadcast organization?

  • Improve the accessibility and relevancy of your information.

  • Increase the percentage of listeners who become members.

  • Connect listeners to the local station while extending the value of the web content.

  • Obtain aggregate listening metrics.

  • Minimize disruptions associated with on-air fund drives with an exciting and new gift premium.

Additional In-Depth Information - Related to the stories and from the same author to quench your need to know.


The featured product is the Radio Bookmark.

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If you want to use a Radio Bookmark with your local public radio station, please contact us to determine if they are an eligible supplier.

We work directly with radio broadcast organizations and local radio stations. If you are interested in the value the Radio Bookmark can add to your organization, please contact us via the email address below.

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To view more information about the Radio Bookmark, please press below to visit the Radio Bookmark website.

Radio Bookmark

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